Airport Tower Frankfurt a.M., Germany

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DEOS Gebäudeautomation GmbH installed a complete OPEN system of DEOS AG at Frankfurt airport tower. The German Air Traffic Control (ATC) was the building contractor.
The airport tower at Frankfurt a.M. is equipped with a fully redundant OPEN EMS system for the regulation of the ventilation system. In the event of any failure, a second automation station takes over as a hot standby to ensure air safety at any time.
DEOS AG offers the fully redundant system in hot standby as one of the very few manufacturers worldwide. The data of the airport Frankfurt are transferred online via "BACnet protocol" to the headquarters of the ATC in Langen.
Carried out by
DEOS Gebäudeautomation GmbH
Birkenallee 76
48432 Rheine (DE)