Rossmann Drugstores throughout Germany

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Since 2009 the drugstore chain Rossmann trusts in DEOS´s building automation technology. One main criteria for the decision to use DEOS products is the possibility of connecting the automation stations via internet as well as the clear visualization of the BMS.
By now some 1,000 Rossmann drugstores all over Europe are equipped with the general DEOS BMS. The use of this technique ensures the centralized energy management for the whole drugstore chain. High performing automation stations guarantee a verifiable and extensive energy optimization in the drugstores. The future drugstores, which are still in planning stages, will also be equipped
with DEOS technology.
The project is realized by our system partner Elbara GmbH.
Carried out by
Elbara GmbH
Goethestraße 2
31275 Lehrte (DE)