Programming Library - MacLib

The Macro Library (MacLib) – from the basic application to the customized solution!

The macro library (MacLib) is seamlessly integrated into the DEOS development environment FUP XL. During programming, the dynamic visualizations are automatically created for a number of standard MCR as well as HVAC systems as well as flexible customized solutions.

The Macro Library - saves you time and increases your quality!

You can quickly program the macro library using a standardized process. This saves you time and increases your commissioning quality, since it creates results that can be quickly reproduced.

Technical highlights:
  • Programming of the OPEN EMS controller and building management systems - BMS in one easy step
  • Minimizing engineering time while maximizing quality
  • Over 900 pre-engineered and established macros from the HVAC sector
  • Completely dynamic and graphical visualization (plant displays) of all macros
  • Integrated, fully dynamic online-documentation of the macros
  • Simple linking macro to macro
  • Creation of reusable templates - also complete systems
  • Including a complete symbol library (graphics)
  • Registration of the setting parameters
  • Macros for your flexible custom solutions can be changed at any time