Graphical Programming

Professional graphic programming tool FUP XL 2

The DEOS AG programming environment ensures fast and complete system programming.

The graphic programming tool FUP XL 2 and the libraries for entire systems and system parts enable you to quickly and intuitively create control and automation modules, including the necessary documentation.

Every programmer and DEOS system partner wants to quickly and smoothly achieve their objectives.

This is precisely where we support our partners.

  FUP XL 2 - central programming tool

The FUP XL 2 central programming tool is more than just software. This tool allows users to create straightforward to the most advanced automation projects using quality-tested graphic components (FUP = function plans). The tool supports the programmer in completing the necessary programming steps, troubleshooting and also system documentation, for example.

The programmer can create the following in a single step:

  • System graphics
  • Monitoring and control software
  • User interfaces and operator guidance
  • Complete documentation, including a description of the control data

It also includes standard system simulations and an automatic plausibility check. The data is displayed using Internet Explorer or the OPENweb/OPENview ControlPanel.
With the conversion of the visualization program OPENview on HTML5 a partial support for mobile browsers is possible. The new integrated web server displays the graphics faster than before.


FUP XL 2 - extensions

The FUP XL 2 can be optionally expanded with the comprehensive macro library, which includes over 900 system components from the HVAC sector. System components as well as complete systems can be easily and quickly created and customized.

FUP XL 2 - freely programmable

Thanks to free programming capability in FUP XL 2, the developer can create and program complete independent systems. This provides maximum flexibility as well as the high-powered foundation for convenient, fast and reliable system programming.

NEW: FUPtools in FUP XL 2

The collection of tools in the new FUPtools area is also new.
In this area the programmer finds new tools like the optimized network configurator and macro editor and the new loader. This new loader can now perform the desired firmware on the DEOS DDC OPEN EMS controllers in the background for a total of "n" controllers at the same time.

FUP XL 2 - a simple, practical tool that saves you a great deal of time and costs.!

Our FUP XL 2 programming software provides you with the ideal project management system that is easy to use and saves you costs at the same time.

Technical highlights:
  • Function planning editor
  • Graphic editor for preparing the visualization
  • Over 900 MCR/HVAC system components in the optional macro library
  • Create and manage your own macro libraries
  • Over 200 complete systems in the optional template library
  • Free programming capability for maximum system flexibility
  • etc.

Training courses offered by DEOS AG

We will be happy to teach you how to use our FUP XL 2 programming tool in one of our training courses. Experienced programmers get up to speed in no time at all.