Configuration Tool OPENproject

Programming made easy with OPENproject

OPENproject provides you with comprehensive options for the fast configuration and automatic programming of the OPEN EMS for all functional modules throughout the entire building. For example, you can control the temperature, ventilation, humidity in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. In addition, you also have a room control for controlling the lighting, blinds and sockets. You can comprehensively configure everything with OPENproject, which saves you both time and costs.

Current applications with OPENproject

ENproject enables end-to-end object-oriented programming based on BACnet and currently includes the applications:

  • Ventilation systems, rooftop units
  • VAV and FCU systems
  • Light management
  • Energy monitoring
  • Energy optimization through calculation objects

Automatic creation of controller program

OPENproject automatically creates the controller program. All controllers throughout the entire building are programmed in the same step. This saves valuable time and increases the programming quality. OPENproject also supports you with the following steps:

  • Setting up projects: selecting the type and number of all room controllers in the building
  • Creating and searching for the DDC (main station) as well as selecting DEOS FUP pages
  • BACnet server and client configuration
  • MODBUS master configuration of the individual slave devices
  • Automatic creation of 3D graphic overview pages as well as navigation pages
  • Optional: customization through free programming with DEOS FUP XL

OPENproject: is free and can be visualized

The OPENproject software is provided with the OPEN EMS system at no charge. It allows you to efficiently deploy personnel thanks to the two-stage engineering. The programmer sets up the project and it can be commissioned on-site through an easy configuration step.

The application automatically created by OPENproject can be visualized during runtime using the OPENview ControlPanel visualization program as well as a standard browser.


OPENproject for room automation and light control

OPENproject offers the following straightforward and useful room automation functions for the Room Automation Solutions as well as the Light Management Solutions:

  • Cloning function – for fast global parameterization
  • Graphic around-the-clock trend history
  • BACnet trend objects pre-assembled in the controller
  • BACnet scheduler functions and calculation objects
  • BACnet DataCenter – the DEOS BACnet browser
  • Graphic adjustments and configurations via checkboxes

Additional functions for the Room Automation Solutions

The Room Automation Solutions offer a wide array of practical additional functions, such as group synchronization. This allows you to combine rooms or zones into different groups. For example, you can use a desired timer control to simultaneously perform functions according to the weekly calendar or timeframe for a specific number of rooms in the building.
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