FCU Controller

In room climate control, fan coil units (FCUs) are used in a simplified design, consisting of a 3-stage fan, cooling coil and a thermostat. The latest FCUs are also equipped with energy-saving EC fans and modulating valves to minimise energy consumption. The DEOS FCU controllers are available as a wall unit (thermostat with integrated controller) or as a controller with an external thermostat. The most common FCU applications are found in hotels and office buildings. Due to the great variety and flexibility, these solutions can also be used in any other building.

Easy integration of FCU controllers

Thanks to the FCU controller’s ease of integration and flexibility, you can program, install and commission a system with minimum effort and costs. Additional inputs and outputs on the controller ensure sufficient options for future modifications and extensions of the system depending on your individual requirements.

Product highlights

Simple, flexible, versatile!

Freely configurable application-specific controller for room climate control

Available with a native BACnet MS/TP or Modbus controller

Up to 10 integrated inputs and 15 outputs ensure flexibility

FCU controller with flexible power supply: 24 V / 120 V / 240 V

Optional humidifying and dehumidifying sequences

Application example for FCU Controller


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