Fan Coil Thermostat – FCT

Controller & control unit in one

The control units/controllers from the FCT series are designed for the operation and control of fan coil units. Thanks to the built-in temperature sensor and internal relays, the device is ideally suited for use at the room level. In this way, no further external relays have to be installed to control the fan or a heating and/or cooling valve. With the ESC variant (Energy Saving Contact) of the FCT, door and window contacts can be connected via an additional digital input. The FCT is integrated into the DEOS control system via the Modbus RTU interface.

Technical details

General information

Power supply230 V AC
CommunicationModbus RTU (9.600 - 115.200 bps)
ScreenLCD Display
OperationTouch control
Operational areaSuitable for 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems; wall mounting in the room
OtherInternal relay, 0...10 V or open/close valve control
OptionalAdditional digital input (FCT with ESC - Energy Saving Contact)

Product highlights

Modern, uncomplicated, best value for money!


Cost-effective and powerful room control unit with internal control

Compatible with 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems

Intuitive operation through user-friendly, state-of-the-art operating graphics

Global functions such as calendar, room occupancy and weather data are managed centrally and reduce energy consumption

Internal logic also allows autonomous use

Quick and easy commissioning via ready-made macros and graphics

Internal relays for quick and easy maintenance

Bulk parameterisation via DEOS programming tools reduces costs

The additional digital input of the ESC variant (Energy Saving Contact) allows door contacts, window contacts, etc. to be connected

Modern interface design

With their modern design, the FCTs fit perfectly into your individual building environment. The devices have an LCD display and illuminated function keys for control purposes, e.g. set-point adjustment or fan stage control. The digital user interface also enables intuitive operation, for example via a smartphone or tablet, and blends seamlessly into the innovative overall graphic concept.

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FCT variants at a glance


TypeColourValve outputsFan stagesDigital Inputs
DS-FCT B 2/4P On/OffBlack2x relay outputs (open/closed, 230VAC, 3A)3x relay outputs (230VAC, 5A)-
DS-FCT W 2/4P On/OffWhite2x relay outputs (open/closed, 230VAC, 3A)3x relay outputs (230VAC, 5A)-
DS-FCT B 2/4P 0-10VBlack2x relay outputs (continuous, 0-10V)3x relay outputs (230VAC, 5A)-
DS-FCT W 2/4P 0-10V White2x relay outputs (continuous, 0-10V)3x relay outputs (230VAC, 5A)-
DS-FCT B 2PE On/OffBlack1x relay outputs (open/closed, 230VAC, 3A)3x relay outputs (230VAC, 5A)1x ESC (digital input 5V)
DS-FCT W 2PE On/OffWhite1x relay outputs (open/closed, 230VAC, 3A)3x relay outputs (230VAC, 5A)1x ESC (digital input 5V)

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