LoRaWAN Radiator Thermostat DEOS TEO

Reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent – quickly and easily

Optimising heating costs in functional buildings such as schools, offices or hotels offers enormous savings potential, because more than 65 percent of building operating costs are generated by heating and cooling. Therefore, intelligent motor-driven radiator actuators are indispensable.

With our wireless-networked radiator thermostat DEOS TEO (Thermostat for Energy Optimisation), the annoying turning up and down of radiator valves is a thing of the past! Replace your old heating thermostats with our patented LoRaWAN wireless thermostat and enjoy a perfect feel-good climate. And the best part is that you simultaneously reduce your energy costs by up to 40 percent. Especially with rising heating costs, this is more important than ever.

DEOS TEO radiator thermostat with live dashboard and energy reports

Time programs maximise your efficiency

Customisable time programs such as the working hours and holiday calendar, overnight temperature setback or the efficient heat-up and heat-down program, provide central, automatic control of the temperature for predefined rooms, floors or entire buildings. Consumption, heating curves and the energy saving effect are clearly represented in our IoT platform – the pro.Building Suite. These items can be displayed live in the dashboard or exported in the form of reports.

With DEOS TEO, you too can reduce your energy consumption by up to 40 percent – quickly and easily!

Turn your building into an energy-saving monster

DEOS TEO can significantly reduce heating costs, especially in older buildings. Our radiator thermostat is only the first step in turning your existing building into a post-digitalized smart building. Link DEOS TEO with other LoRaWAN wireless sensors such as presence detectors, door and window contacts or multi-sensors to determine the room temperature: if offices are unoccupied for a lengthy period of time or windows have not been closed, the heating output is automatically reduced. In this way, you tap further energy-saving potential and maximise your energy efficiency.

Thermostat with maximum safety

When used in functional buildings, radiator thermostats have to meet many requirements that do not exist in the classic smart home sector. Due to various safety features, you will enjoy DEOS TEO for a long time:

  • Blocking protection: DEOS TEO opens the heating valve at regular intervals to prevent it from seizing up. Thus, heating works without problems – even after a long period of inactivity.
  • Theft and vandalism protection: To give you peace of mind when using our radiator thermostat in functional buildings such as offices, hotels or schools, DEOS TEO is connected with a fuse and is well protected from external forces thanks to its robust design and housing.
  • No manual operation: The radiator thermostats can only be set by a user with authorised access via the browser in the IoT platform. This means that unauthorised persons cannot manipulate temperature settings. This is essential in functional buildings. Optionally, temperatures can be adjusted via a room control unit (available from Q4/2022).
  • Fallback mode: If DEOS TEO loses connection to the IoT platform, after repeated connection problems the heating program switches to fallback mode and adjusts the temperature to predefined values.

Other smart features that will delight you.

No batteries, no cables, 100% maintenance-free

Unlike many conventional smart home thermostats, DEOS TEO is completely maintenance-free, as no batteries are required for operation. Our thermostat uses energy harvesting and extracts its required energy from the applied heat of the radiator by means of an integrated thermoelectric generator.

Easy installation

Installation is very easy: unscrew the old thermostat, screw on the DEOS TEO – done! The universal connection adapter makes installation on common valves possible without difficulty – even without qualified personnel. The data is forwarded via LoRaWAN to the LoRa gateway and visualised in the IoT platform.

Conversion during operation

With the international wireless standard LoRa, it is easy to retrofit and network smart sensors and thermostats in existing buildings. Due to the high penetration in the building, the LoRa network infrastructure is extremely inexpensive and uncomplicated to install compared to alternative wireless technologies. This means that retrofitting can be done without difficulty while the building is in operation.

Access on the go

Room temperatures can be set individually via a web browser and override the centrally defined values. For this purpose, users can be authorised individually via a user concept. After a certain time, the values are reset to the default value to avoid unnecessary heating.

Made in Germany

The quality of our products is particularly important to us – that is why we use only high-quality components and produce in Germany. This way, you get a long-lasting product that saves you from having to regularly replace defective thermostats.


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