Programming tool OPEN FXL

Central tool for all programming tasks

OPEN FXL is the central tool for comprehensive and time-saving system programming. With this graphical programming tool, you can freely program your systems according to your individual project requirements. This offers maximum flexibility and forms the powerful basis for convenient, fast and reliable system programming. Your time is precious – that’s why we focus on functions that reduce your efforts and make your daily work easier. For example, you can simultaneously load a large number of controllers with ready-made control programs or firmware, even during system operation via an online session. In addition, the program simulation allows functions to be tested and helps with troubleshooting. Programming using the DEOS libraries is also much more time-saving, allowing you to reduce your effort by up to 90%.

Graphical programming with macros and templates

Reach your goal quickly and error-free – that’s exactly what graphical programming and the macro and template library from DEOS AG can do. With over 1,000 pre-programmed and tested system modules (macros) and more than 300 completely finished HVAC systems (templates), you can reduce your programming effort by up to 90%. The tool supports the programmer in their work, e.g. with the necessary programming steps, troubleshooting and system documentation. In this way a total of 4 work processes are completed in one step:

  • System graphics are generated in the background
  • Monitoring and control software are created
  • User interface for system operation is customised
  • Complete documentation, including a description of the control data

A plausibility check is carried out afterwards to examine the project for possible sources and can then be loaded directly onto the controller – system programming is only that simple with DEOS!

Create, edit and manage

With the macro and template management, DEOS system partners are able to edit the DEOS libraries and modify them according to their own requirements. Individual libraries can also be created from self-programmed system modules. This is what makes the use of libraries and OPEN FXL so flexible and time-saving!

Get started quickly

For the professional use of the central programming tool OPEN FXL we offer our system partners OPEN FXL training courses. Together with our DEOS experts you will succeed in getting started in the shortest possible time.

Product highlights

Graphical, comprehensive, efficient!


Perform 4 steps in one and always error-free

Realise time savings of up to 90% by using DEOS libraries for system programming

Guarantees you maximum flexibility in your projects

Macro and template libraries can be created, edited and managed

Unlike its competitors, OPEN FXL is the central tool for all programming tasks

Many extensions complete the tool and make it so easy to use

The graphical programming of the system simplifies the programming process considerably

With DEOS training courses we prepare you best for working with OPEN FXL




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