Configuration Tool OPENproject

Bulk configuration reduces effort

OPENproject provides comprehensive and fast bulk configuration with automatic programming of the controllers. All function modules in the entire building are taken into account: control of temperature, ventilation, humidity in the HVAC system and room control for controlling the lighting, blinds and room climate. The user interfaces created with OPENproject can be operated intuitively through the automatically generated building navigation. The tool works seamlessly together with the programming tool OPEN FXL and enables further processing in this tool. This simplifies the controller configuration, which saves you both time and costs.

Overview of functions

  • Setting up projects: selecting the type and number of all room controllers in the building
  • Creating and searching for the DDC controller as well as selecting DEOS OPEN FXL pages
  • BACnet server and client configuration
  • Modbus master configuration of the individual slave devices
  • Automatic creation of graphic overview pages as well as navigation pages
  • Optional: customisation through free programming with OPEN FXL


Flyer OPENproject

Flyer OPENproject

DEOS Configuration Tool download


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Flyer Easy Engineering

Flyer Easy Engineering

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