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Products Management Software AlarmApp

Save costs with efficient HVAC service

DEOS Secure AlarmApp

Which service technician is nearby? Which employee is handling the current service case? Who has been to the plant yesterday and knows the error? All these and more are real-world questions that you won’t have to ask yourself in the future thanks to the DEOS Secure AlarmApp.

With the DEOS Secure AlarmApp, you experience plant management on a whole new level. To do this, create teams to manage your HVAC assets. As soon as a system message is received, your assigned service employees immediately receive push notifications on their smartphone via the AlarmApp – so you always have an overview and can act quickly and efficiently in the event of a malfunction. The DEOS Secure AlarmApp thus simplifies the daily work of your service teams, reduces service efforts and thus also the costs in facility management.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Product highlights

With the DEOS Secure AlarmApp you benefit from numerous features and advantages. Discover them now.

  • Always informed

    Direct push notification to your smartphone keeps you up-to-date.

  • Efficient team management

    Only the assigned service employees & teams receive alarm messages.

  • Transparent task distribution

    Immediately see which service employee is dealing with which messages.

  • Simple communication

    Alarms can be commented for all to see. This facilitates communication within the team.

  • Flexible user management

    Manage team changes or absences effortlessly in the DEOS portal.

  • Fast coordination

    One click to route planning.

  • System structure of the AlarmApp

    AlarmApp facilitates your daily service routine

    The DEOS Secure AlarmApp offers various views of your systems and their alarms. With its help, messages can be prioritized easily and clearly, as well as assigned and escalated to yourself or other technicians on the team. Follow live which technician is assigned to which fault and always keep an overview. The openness of the system is what makes the AlarmApp so special. Thanks to universal interfaces, third-party systems can be integrated as alarm indicators and output uniformly in the AlarmApp. It is also possible to provide alarms for third-party systems.


    The dashboard provides a quick overview of the states of your assets as well as statistical evaluations of assigned alarms. One click takes you to alarms or pre-filtered alarm views.


    Don’t miss alerts assigned to you, escalated alerts or comments. Always keep a full overview of events and your to-dos with notifications. News and messages that have already been historized can also be viewed here.

    Alarm view

    In addition to the alarm data, such as message text or alarm source, comments and the entire alarm history are also displayed in this view. This allows you to see when the respective alarm last occurred, who was responsible for it, how the alarm was resolved and how often it occurred.

    Alarm list

    In the alarm list, all alarms from your installations are displayed in a filterable list. You get an overview of all pending messages and can process them yourself or decide which service technician should be assigned and how the fault should be prioritized.

    Asset list

    With the asset list, you can easily check the condition of your assets at a glance. Where are faults reported and what is the total number of reports per plant?

    Plant view

    In addition to the plant master data such as designation or location, all alarms of a plant are listed here and can also be filtered. Get a quick overview of current and historical issues facing the facility.


    Set various filters and specifically hide information that is not currently needed. For example, you can filter and view all the faults you have dealt with in the last four weeks for a plant.

    Route planner

    When things get serious, an on-site appointment is often unavoidable. Directly from the plant view, the navigation function of your device can be opened and you can choose the optimal route to the object.

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