Building automation sensors

Reliable and precise measurements

High-quality precision sensors play an essential role in any building automation project. They capture the measurements that are sent to the controllers to be processed by the system. As a result of flawed or inaccurate measurement data, your system cannot be optimally controlled, preventing you from fully exploiting the potential for energy savings. For each degree Celsius the room temperature is raised, the cost of heating increases by roughly 6%. We would like to avoid this, which is why DEOS AG is banking on high-quality, tight-tolerance sensors. This enables us to obtain measurements within a high degree of correctness. The range of products offered by DEOS AG will enable you to fully exploit the potential for energy savings.

Sensors at a glance

  • Room temperature sensors
    • For precision measurement of room temperatures, with and without control panel
  • Outdoor temperature sensors
    • For outdoor temperature measurement for cool stores, greenhouses, production halls and warehouses
  • Immersion temperature sensors
    • Duct temperature sensors and immersion temperature sensors for temperature measurement of gaseous media associated with HVAC systems (e.g., supply air ducts or exhaust ducts)
    • Whenever used in conjunction with an immersion sleeve also suitable for measurement of liquid media (e. g. in piping)
  • Duct and room humidity sensors
    • Duct and room humidity sensors for measuring of the relative air humidity (type FK) or the relative air humidity and temperature (type FTK) of gaseous media associated with HVAC systems (e. g., in supply air ducts or exhaust ducts)
  • Brightness sensors
    • For lighting level measurement. Used for controlling lighting and blinds; fitted outdoors, in industrial halls, etc.
    • Types with built-in presence detectors are also available for indoor applications (e.g. offices)
  • Air quality sensors
    • For measurement of CO2 or mixed gas concentration contained in gaseous media
  • Pressure sensors
    • For measuring pressure in liquid media (e. g. in the piping of heating and air-conditioning systems)
  • Differential pressure sensors and volume flow sensors
    • For measuring the differential pressure or volume flow of gaseous media associated with ventilation and air-conditioning systems (e. g. supply air ducts and exhaust ducts)

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