OPEN EMS Service & Security Center

Building automation security for users without prior IT knowledge

Every building automation system requires DDC components that are secure and protect against third-party access. This necessary IT protection is expensive and often requires a lot of IT expertise. With the new OPEN EMS Service & Security Center and its security features, our OPEN EMS DDC controllers offer a simple and pragmatic solution.

The security settings in the Service & Security Center are easy to use. If desired, users on the OPEN EMS can be created and managed with an expiration date. In addition, the user can choose between three firewall modes: inactive, maintenance and operation. Preconfigured security settings for the individual application can also be set and adjusted using sliders. Expert mode offers employees with IT expertise additional firewall settings. Changes to the configuration as well as the login and logout processes are recorded. In summary: the functions of the Service & Security Center can be operated by any employee even without prior IT knowledge.

Innovative firewall modes

In addition to the inactive and operation modes, the maintenance mode enables additional ports for incoming connections. For example, this allows new control programs to be uploaded to the DDC controller. The session timer automatically resets the controller to the operating mode after each maintenance intervention. Thus security flaws arising due to the temporary opening of maintenance ports are prevented.

All these functions are aimed at facilitating practical use according to the principle of “keep it smart & simple”. With this intuitive operating concept, securing the controllers is inexpensive – and requires no IT expertise.

Highlights at a glance

  • Customisable user management
  • History of configuration changes
  • Easy-to-use professional IT protection
  • No IT expertise required
  • Security thanks to firewall, certificates and HTTPS
  • Import and export of configuration files, certificates and log files
  • Clientless access via standard browser
  • Delivered in preset condition for reliable operation
  • Free security upgrade can be carried out retrospectively
  • Transfer OPEN EMS security settings using drag and drop

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Flyer Service & Security Center

Flyer Service & Security Center

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