Actuators & valves for building automation

Durable & flexible control

In order to meet the demanding everyday requirements of an actuator, we have attached great importance to the durability and reliable operation of our DEOS actuators and valves. In addition to conventional actuators, we offer communicative actuators that can be integrated into the system via CAN-bus or BACnet MS/TP. The flexibility you achieve with these actuators in your project is second to none – with additional analogue and digital inputs, you can integrate additional field devices such as temperature sensors into the system. This reduces your material costs and saves you valuable time by reducing the amount of cabling effort required. With our ready-to-use DEOS macros, we guarantee simple integration of the communicative actuators and quick commissioning.

Actuators & valves at a glance

  • Globe valve actuators
    • For many different applications in combination with threaded rod and flange-type valves, with positioning forces of 500 N to 4500 N, partially available as rapid-action versions or with emergency control function
  • Threaded valves
    • With red bronze housing, PN 16 with nominal gauges from DN 15 to DN 50
  • Flange valves
    • With gunmetal housing, PN 6 and PN 16 with nominal gauges from DN 15 to DN 150
  • Characterised control valves
    • With either inside or outside thread, PN 6 control elements for hot and cold water circuits in air-conditioning systems and heating installations
    • Additional 6-way characterised control valves for easy implementation of combined heating/cooling systems
  • Linear actuators, rotary actuators and damper actuators
    • With CAN-bus for a direct interaction with our OPEN control system
  • Damper and rotary actuators
    • With BACnet MS/TP incl. sensor integration thanks to three additional inputs
  • Damper actuators
    • For the motorisation of shut-off and control valves/dampers
  • Spring return actuators
    • For dampers with safety function
  • Small actuators
    • Thermo electrical actuators for driving valves on heating circuit distributors, radiators, convectors, etc.

Want to know more?

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