OPENweb Upgrade Campaign

Upgrade now to OPENweb 10 and reap real savings!

Is your OPENweb application outdated? Do you and your customers want to benefit from the latest OPENweb 10 features such as straightforward HTML5 operation through a web browser and maximum IT security? Then take advantage of this OPENweb Upgrade Campaign by 31/10/2020 and bring your OPENweb application up-to-date cost-effectively.

In addition to the once-off upgrade of your OPENweb version, you will also receive our OPENweb Upgrade Service for 12 months at no charge. All OPENweb upgrades and updates will be at your disposal free of charge during this period. This way, you and your customers will benefit from always having the current software version with the latest features and functions, and maximum IT security, at your fingertips.

Campaign packages at a glance

Your campaign advantages at a glance:

  • Cost savings up to 50% thanks our Upgrade Campaign
  • Full and latest range of OPENweb 10 functions
  • Upgrade Service that includes all upgrades and updates of OPENweb for 12 months at no charge
  • Testing the DEOS Secure AlarmApp for 6 months free of charge

Information on participation:

  • Participation in this campaign is up to and including 31/10/2020
  • Existing licence for OPENweb 9, 8, 7 or older required to participater
  • Taking advantage of this campaign enables you to upgrade any number of OPENweb applications for which you have a licence
  • Moving your application to the DEOS Cloud is also possible; simply contact us directly to do so

OPENweb 10 inspires our partners:

Secure OPENweb 10 Upgrade

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    Please enter the serial number(s) of the OPENweb installation(s) you wish to upgrade to the current OPENweb 10 version. Should you wish to upgrade more than five OPENweb licences, fill in this form and submit it for as many upgrades as needed. You will subsequently receive a campaign-based offer tailored to your request.
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    Select your choice of free additional options from the campaign-based offer. Further information can be found below (FAQs) about cancellations or terminations, for example. Should there be any unanswered questions at the time regarding our offer or our products, please select product consultancy in the reference field. One of our experts will get in touch with you to answer your question(s).

    We have the answers to your questions!

    Do you have questions regarding participation in the OPENweb 10 campaign? We have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions not covered in our list, please contact our experts and we’ll be happy to advise you!

    DEOS Experts

    1. You will receive a campaign-based offer tailored to your request after review of the submitted information.
    2. You are ordering the upgrades for your OPENweb installations, including the selected options (Upgrade Service/AlarmApp). When you are booking the AlarmApp, please let us know the number of users and an Admin (given name and surname).
    3. You will then receive all the information needed to perform the upgrade(s) and to set up the DEOS Secure AlarmApp. Our IT experts will be happy to address any questions you still might have.

    Once the free trial period of 12 months has lapsed for OPENweb Upgrade Services, this service will automatically rollover to a subscription, unless we have received your cancellation. We will inform about the automatic rollover and your cancellation options in good time. You can also cancel this service at any time during the trial period and continue to enjoy all the advantages of this service until the 12-month duration has lapsed.

    The free trial period of the AlarmApp will not automatically rollover to a subscription after the lapse of 6 months. We will contact you before the 6 months expire and provide you with a personal quotation. You can then decide whether you want to continue to benefit from the numerous app functions or end the free trial period.

    You can upgrade any number of OPENweb installations to the latest main version. To do so, enter up to 5 OPENweb serial numbers in the contact form. If you want to upgrade further OPENweb licences, fill in and submit the form as many times as needed or contact our sales office.