Building automation for office buildings

High energy consumption offers savings potential

With growing competition and increased operating costs, building operators are constantly searching for an opportunity reducing outgoings and to enhance cost-efficiency. The individual character of office and administration buildings and the specific requirements of office and conference rooms as well as IT server rooms or canteens pose a great challenge for contractors.

More than 40 % of the total energy demand of buildings is attributable to non-residential buildings. This fact explains the enormous savings potential. The DEOS solutions provide you with a constant overview of your energy consumption and help to make optimum use of this high savings potential. Through the demand-led temperature control and ventilation of conference rooms at their times-of-use, you can significantly reduce your operating costs and increase convenience.

Convenience enhances employee productivity

Besides energy efficiency, a pleasant working atmosphere in office and administrative buildings plays an important role. Stale air, noise emission and draughts together with the related diseases (e.g. sick building syndrome) can be avoided by the patented OPENdynamics ventilation control. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) creates pleasant, natural lighting that demonstrably heightens the efficiency and concentration of your employees.

The solutions of the DEOS AG allow you to achieve the greatest possible cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency in your office building while increasing the comfort of employees at the same time.

Example references

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