Unsurpassed energy efficiency

Just the building's visual appearance alone symbolizes the company's strong will to innovate and its technological leadership. The DEOS AG employees moved into the new office and training building in the Birkenallee almost four weeks ago.
RP Prof. Reinhard Klenke, who was accompanied by the mayor Angelika Kordfelder, Engelbert Rauen Chairman of the Regional Council at RP and Chief Regional Planer Ralf Weidmann were impressed over and over again. They were already awestruck as the high-tech façade was explained. "It is coated with titanium dioxide. It also cleans itself along with the air in its immediate vicinity. This façade has a cleaning capacity of 80 trees," reported DEOS CEO Stefan Plüth. Dirt and smog particles are bonded thanks to the sun and humidity and rinsed away by rain or dew.
During the tour, Plüth told his guests that the new DEOS headquarters rightfully claims to be one of the most energy efficient buildings in Europe. Room temperatures, humidity, air quality and lighting are achieved by generating only a minimum amount of carbon dioxide. It goes without saying that many of the products used here were developed by DEOS. The heating and building management systems are installed in a showroom at the entrance, where every visitor can gather information about them.
"With this building, our own research and experimental building, we have created new developments for the future in the area of energy management and building automation," said Stefan Plüth.
A great example of this is the light control system that uses LED lights, which can be adjusted to the biorhythm of the employees. "We simulate natural lighting over the course of the entire day," said Plüth. This business area is gaining increasing importance, since it positively influences the health and performance of employees. Various research has confirmed this. DEOS AG develops the software and the control necessary for this. "I have never seen something like this," admitted the amazed District President.
The latest developments reflect the nonstop expansion course of the company based in Rhine, explained Plüth. The Middle East with the Arabic countries is currently a booming market. In addition, a subsidiary in Hong Kong was just founded. "We are going to strongly push our activities in China," continued Plüth. The company is now on the right track.
"We are currently working on the topic of energy in the regional council. What can you still tap into?", asked Engelbert Rauen. "There is vast potential," answered Stefan Plüth. The intelligent control systems reduce costs by up to 70 percent, just as DEOS AG has proven to a large number of customers worldwide.
"They are truly a company with values from the Münsterland region, owner-operated, very innovative and working around the world," said District President Klenke, who was impressed after the two-hour tour.

Source: MV, September 24, 2014, Reiner Wellmann