Trend-setting new function:

Trend-setting new function: the second Ethernet port and the switch function save you time and money.

The second Ethernet interface in our DDC OPEN EMS product line offers a number of advantages that save you both a great deal of time and money during the installation:


  • The second Ethernet port enables serial networking (daisy chain), reducing wiring costs by up to 75%.
  • The integrated Ethernet switch eliminates the need for external switching devices and their costs.
  • A central switch enables star wiring configurations.
  • The second Ethernet port offers even more service, since you can connect to your network without any interruptions.

DEOS leads the pack with these proven IT trend-setting solutions for the MCR market.


Your advantage at a glance

  • Two on-board Ethernet ports as standard
  • Integrated switch function - saves external devices and additional costs
  • Networking made easy - cabling requirements reduced by up to 75%
  • Optimum service - continuous network access


You will find the OPEN EMS product line here.