Training fair in Rheine 2012

This year´s training fair took place for the 13th time in Rheine´s city-hall from 31.05.2012 – 01.06.2012. DEOS attended the fair once again. This time the current version of the mobile exhibition stand was used. Its eye-catcher was a model house, which was built by the trainees in their workshop. Here interested visitors to the stand could become more familiar with the DEOS controllers.

In the model house the indoor- and outdoor lighting can be switched on and off by Galaxy One or by tablet PCs. Additionally, the house was equipped with a real ventilation device, which also is controlled. In the ventilation device, the different RAL colours for outside air, supply air, exhaust air and outgoing air are shown and can be controlled separately. At the fair a frost protection fault was simulated to be able to explain, how a ventilation device is working in case of a failure. Until the next fair in 2013 the trainees plan to improve and expand the model house further on. From the outside it is already accurate in every detail: It has a front garden with grass and a small path to the entrance. In line with DEOS´ “green” technology this year flowers decorated the stand.

The fair went very well. At the first day the visitors even queued up, a television report with the DEOS stand as main topic was produced and many interested visitors of the fair even informed themselves beforehand about the DEOS AG.