Thomas Patzelt sums up his first year at DEOS

"Enormous potential is lying dormant here"

Thomas Patzelt, aged 58, with a degree in business administration, has been at the helm of DEOS AG as member of the Management Board, together with Chairman Stefan Plüth, for exactly one year now. In the current economic situation, he likes to compare the Rheine-based company, that specialises in building automation, with a speedboat: “In such a market situation, this small speedboat is much more agile and easier to handle than a big tanker, for example”.

Since he joined the company, Thomas Patzelt has driven corporate planning forward at record speed. “We want to develop the company sustainably into the future. And in doing so, we are building on young teams that will take on more responsibility in the future. At DEOS AG, we are currently turning things around in many places, and some of them upside down,” says the manager with a smile. And he adds with absolute self-confidence: “An enormous amount of potential is lying dormant here. There is a lot more you can do with this company”.

Patzelt is convinced that DEOS AG is operating in a very intact market, driven by the big issues of the time. “Buildings are becoming more and more intelligent and smarter in order to increase energy efficiency in particular. We are addressing one of the major issues of our time here”, says Patzelt.

Patzelt emphasises that it is the employees who are the decisive potential of every company. “We take the people with us and invest a lot of time in them. A good company is only successful if the employees are also better than average. For this you need people who work with their heart and soul – and who, metaphorically speaking, are also prepared to walk over fire for the company”, that is also the motto for the “DEOS speedboat”, says the 58-year-old. And he is absolutely optimistic for the future, because “The team is fully onboard and committed”.

DEOS also has “great developments in the pipeline” for the market. The product portfolio will be developed further and supplemented in all essential areas. And Patzelt also wants to break new ground in customer loyalty. According to his vision, DEOS should become the company with the largest fan base in the market for technical building contractors. “Only when someone is a fan of a company do they become a real customer”, is Patzelt’s motto.

Generally, the DEOS Management Board expects that the company will come through the economic crisis relatively unscathed. This is also because the company is currently using its resources to focus on further growth potential in markets with tailor-made products and services. And because everyone is pulling their weight and the medium-term prospects are looking very good, Patzelt expects to retire in a few years’ time after his involvement with DEOS with another success story under his belt.