Speaker for Energy Policy for the government party FDP at DEOS

Rheine. „Does this also exist for private households?” FDP county director Wolfgang Welp raised the question, in which all visitors of the DEOS-group were interested. Company owner Stefan Plüth talked about the possibilities to save energy up to 70 % and deeply impressed the political audience.

Climate protection and huge energy savings are doable. While with additional façade insulation savings of only 10 percent can be achieved, the method developed by DEOS has proven its ability to save directly after the installation up to 70 percent of the energy. 30 percent energy savings are always achievable directly after the installation. “These are not just empty promises. We have proved it many times”, Mr. Plüth pointed out. He referred to different companies, who decided to install systems which were developed by DEOS. However there would be one competitive disadvantage: While the façade insulation is subsidized by the state, this is not the case in his energy savings. This should be changed.


This topic was picked up directly by Claudia Bögel and Klaus Breil. They promised to promote in Berlin, that DEOS´s digital energy optimizing systems should be added to the funding catalogue of the planned Energy Change Program. “With your systems a big saving potential opens up. And of course we want to handle energy much more economically than before”, the two FDP economic politicians made clear. Mr. Plüth mentioned that DEOS´s systems are already installed in many different countries worldwide. In Ibbenbüren the city council decided to modify a major part of its buildings by the installation of DEOS building ventilation systems. The city council plans to achieve a halving of electricity costs and savings of up to 40 percent of the heating costs.


„Ventilation systems used in the way we use with our system are optimal!” explained Stefan Plüth and pointed out that they permanently and always ensure an optimal climate. This is an ideal situation, not only for schools, because the discussions about ventilating the rooms would be ended and there would always and steadily be a very good room- and learning climate. All visitors were excited by this presentation.

Münsterländische Volkszeitung and Westfälische Nachrichten on 10th May 2012