SPD-member of the German Bundestag and DENEFF managing director Noll visit DEOS AG

Today Ingrid Arndt-Brauer, member of the German Bundestag, visited DEOS AG in Rheine. Arndt Brauer said: „Energy savings are the key for a successful energy turnaround. Unfortunately energy efficiency is not as prominent in media and politics as the renewable power generation. Companies such as DEOS, which embody the energy turnaround, show, that we can benefit from politics against a waste of energy. A more intelligent energy use not only ensures prosperity by less power- and heating costs, it also ensures employment, if the demand for efficiency solutions is supported by clever politics.”

DEOS AG develops and produces intelligent systems for building automation. During a tour of the production, DEOS CEO Plüth practically demonstrated examples for energy-efficiency- products. He explained: “The technical solutions exist to be able to reduce the energy consumption of buildings dramatically. Unfortunately energy efficiency doesn´t come easily. We hope that the new Federal Government will have a clear strategy, better incentives and consumer information as well as a training campaign to stimulate the market for energy efficiency.”

Together with Christian Noll, board member of the German entrepreneurial initiative for energy efficiency (DENEFF) where also DEOS is engaged as a member, Plüth gave political recommendations to the SPD candidate. His request was to halve the waste of energy. To emphasize this goal, Arndt-Brauer, Plüth and Noll symbolically halved the energy waste with oversized scissors (picture). Noll said: “We are happy that the election manifestos contain many good ideas for more efficiency in companies and private households. It is critical to keep these promises after the election. We hope to see Mrs. Arndt-Brauer as an advocate for energy savings.”


In order to draw more political attention to energy savings as an important factor of the energy turnaround, the energy-savings-network (ESN) and the German entrepreneurial initiative (DENEFF) started the platform “Halve energy-waste!” with the website


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