Skill shortages: Jens Spahn (member of the German Bundestag) informs himself at DEOS in Rheine

Rheine.  Highly qualified employees are the most important prerequisites for the future. “Intelligent answers for the challenges, which arose by the sharpening shortage of skilled workers, are very important for rural areas, because they have to be competitive to the economic development in the cities”, says Jens Spahn, member of the German Bundestag, during his visit at DEOS AG in Rheine.


Shortage of skilled workers, combined with the demography problem in Germany, is one of the leading political topics. It was calculated, that Germany will lose one fifth of its population by 2060 – around 17 million inhabitants. Every third inhabitant will be 65 years or older.

Jens Spahn is especially interested in the strategies, middle sized companies like DEOS AG have developed in order to cope this challenge. He is convinced that “the number of people available for the labour market will decrease, even if we train them well”.


DEOS is taking on this challenge, emphasizes Michael van Well, DEOS board member for project operations and finances. The searching for appropriate employees by now is an all-the-year task. Based on most modern technologies for intelligent and integrated systems, DEOS develops solution for the highly energy-efficient building automation. “In a growing company, the requirements for staff change over time. This means, that the training at the beginning of a career has to be continued constantly by targeted training.

„It is very important for us, that our core products are developed in house”, added van Well.

To be able to ensure the company´s urgent staff requirements on highly qualified employees, DEOS aims at the regional and nationwide labour market.


Concerning the medium- and long-term personnel planning, the own systematic apprenticeship and in-service training plays a very important role and will become even more important in the future, adds Julia Leyendecker, HR specialist of the DEOS Holding. Since August 2012, the certified business administrator supports the DEOS HR department.


„For the industrial location Rheine, companies such as DEOS play a very important role”, explains Udo Bonk, CDU-fraction leader in the city´s council. They offer the opportunity to young people to learn highly qualified professions after A-levels and studies and the perspective of a save workplace in Rheine.


„The qualified promotion of young people in technical and commercial professions such as electronic technicians, IT specialists and management experts, especially by middle-sized companies, is one of the core interests of regional politics. The training of young people is one of the main characteristics of the middle-sized economy. Without education small and medium-sized companies could not exist”, emphasized the member of the German Bundestag Jens Spahn. Also the acquisition of accordingly qualified young people from Southern European countries and the intensified training of women in technical professions are additional options.


„The fight for apprentices will be more and more  difficult in the future“, is Michael van Well outlook. But he is optimistic, concerning the requirements profile of DEOS AG for new employees. “The number of young people, who want to achieve the qualifications we need for our company, grows despite the declining number of graduates. Thus the demographic development is moderated a bit”. The Diploma Engineer is certain, that his company is well positioned in the acquisition of smart people: “With our products we are positioned in the  growth market of the future of energy saving and offer a broad field of activity, from the specialized developer to the internationally operating salesperson.”


Articel from the business magazine "Wirtschaft Münsterland", issue 4, 2012