OPENweb Upgrade Campaign

Upgrade now to OPENweb 10 and reap real savings

Take advantage of our OPENweb Upgrade Campaign by 31 October 2020 and bring your OPENweb application up-to-date cost-effectively. This way, you and your customers can benefit from using the latest functions such as straightforward HTML5 operation through a web browser and maximum IT security. In addition to the once-off upgrade of your OPENweb version, you will also receive our OPENweb Upgrade Service for 12 months at no charge. All OPENweb upgrades and updates will be at your disposal free of charge during this period. This way, our partners and their customers will benefit from always having the current software version with the latest features and functions, and maximum IT security, at their fingertips.

OPENweb 10 upgrade packages

Upgrades are worth it

Maximum IT security

Upgrade your Windows operating system and upgrade to OPENweb 10 at the same time to avoid security risks: Microsoft has ended all support for some operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 mid-January.

Range of functions

The full range of functions of our B-AWS certified BACnet BMS will be at your disposal by upgrading to OPENweb 10. This includes among other features, operation through a web browser using a device of your choice and a security upgrade like HTTPS encryption for example.

Huge cost advantage

Reap cost savings of up to 50% by taking advantage of the OPENweb Upgrade Campaign. In addition you will also benefit from the optional OPENweb Upgrade Service at no charge for one year. This way, for 12 months further OPENweb upgrades and updates will be at your disposal.

Service options

The OPENweb Upgrade Service feature enables you to design new service options for your customers, such as maintenance agreements that include updates, upgrades, and back-ups of software programs or maintenance services of operating systems.

Your advantages of the Upgrade Campaign at a glance

  • Cost savings up to 50% thanks to our Upgrade Campaign
  • Full and latest range of OPENweb 10 functions
  • Upgrade Service that includes all upgrades and updates of OPENweb for 12 months at no charge
  • Testing the DEOS Secure AlarmApp for 6 months free of charge

The OPENweb Upgrade Service in a nutshell

The OPENweb Upgrade Service is an additional performance option for DEOS system partners and it can be included in the new purchase of or an already purchased OPENweb licence. It is valid for 12 months. All upgrades and updates of OPENweb will be at your disposal free of charge during this period. Take advantage of this upgrade offer to bring your OPENweb application up-to-date and receive the Upgrade Service at no charge for the first 12 months. You can find more information about the Upgrade Service in the campaign flyer.

Not up to upgrades?

Move to the cloud now and do without expensive hardware for the on-site BMS server, troublesome installation, upgrade procedures and additional maintenance personnel for the BMS software program. Not only do you get the benefit of a user-friendly BMS with the OPENweb Cloud, we also provide you with the comprehensive worry-free package of DEOS services. We deliver your BMS on the DEOS high-performance servers or in your own cloud, keep OPENweb constantly up to date and our IT experts are available to support and advise you at all times.


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