OPENweb 8

New BMS software as of February 2016

New comfort and operating functions for optimized use
OPENweb is the DEOS AG BACnet BMS for large-scale down to small-scale applications. The latest OPENweb version (version 8) will be available to our partners and customers as a new 64-bit version starting on February 1, 2016. This new DEOS AG BMS software can now be used in new projects.
The upgrade from OPENweb 7 version to OPENweb 8 will also be released for existing installations starting in April 2016.
The newly revised English OPENweb manual will soon also be available in the DEOS AG partner section for download.
The sales launch of the latest DEOS AG BMS software version will provide planners, programmers and well as users with
  • new comfort functions,
  • comprehensive new operating functions,
  • an improved workflow and
  • simplified programming.
Thanks to the new OPENweb, DEOS system partners will save valuable development time and be able to more accurately perform their mixed calculations of hardware and services. In short, DEOS products will allow them to offer a more cost-effective range of products and services.
Have we piqued your interest? The most important new functions provided in the standard OPENweb 8 delivery include:
  • (1) New higher-level graphic pages and a new editor
    - It is an alternative to calling up dialogs spanning several controller groups in FUP-XL. You can now conveniently create and manage items with the new editor in OPENweb ControlPanel.
  • (2)New dynamic navigation elements
    - Permanently implemented dynamic navigation elements, such as HOME and FORWARD/BACK button, save you valuable development time.
  • (3)64-bit support
    - Allows you to design graphics more quickly and process data faster.
  • (4) International marketing
    - OPENweb now supports third-party character sets, such as Chinese.
  • (5) Supports the SVG graphic format
    - It allows you to scale graphics without losing any clarity.
  • (6) Several OPENweb ControlPanel instances can be started simultaneously on one computer
    - Displaying several building management systems on one computer saves time and increases user comfort.


OPENweb 8 at the light + building in Frankfurt

Come and get to know more about our new BACnet BMS software OPENweb 8 at the light + building trade fair in Frankfurt from March 13th – 18th, 2016.

Pay us a visit at our new DEOS AG trade fair stand in hall 9.0 stand D50 and enjoy your personal OPENweb live demonstration. Please don't hesitate to make a personal appointment with us in advance. Click here to open the contact form to arrange a meeting via e-mail.

Together with your passion for business and our vast experience, we will continue further developing our common goals.

We look forward to your visit.