OPENbalance. The new Cost Control System for Your Building.

Clever, efficient, sensational:
The Cost Control Systems for Your Building.

Would you like to reduce your ventilation technology energy costs and still maintain a comfortable temperature and sense of well-being throughout all of your rooms? OPENbalance is the perfect solution.
Our unique, innovative and intelligent control system for ventilation systems is constantly monitoring all of the operating parameters, both in the ducts as well as in the ventilated spaces.
OPENbalance constantly compares these parameters with the parameters that are stored in the system for each room, constantly calculates the optimum control variable for each damper, and adjusts the temperature, humidity and air volume so as to minimize the amount of energy consumed while providing the most cost-effective operating point for the entire ventilation and airconditioning system.

All operating conditions for the ventilation, heating, and cooling technology are displayed so that they are completely transparent and include current costs.

OPENbalance is the perfect fusion of maintaining building management systems (BMS) and cost overviews for new cost control systems.