„OPENapp“ – Title of „IKZ ENERGY“

With the “OPENapp”-controller, DEOS offers its new standard controller on basis of the energy management station “OPEN 600”. The controller includes controls for heatings, boilers, district heatings, water heating systems and ventilation in a high-performance microprocessor-system. The controller is provided with an integrated webserver, enabling configuration and system handling. Additional, the free tool “OPENview-controlpanel” is offered. Furthermore, “OPENappManager” is provided for backups and for installing updates. The controller is provided with 32 integrated in- and outputs. Up to 5 IO modules can be attached. For physical data points up to 112 in- and outputs are available. For bigger systems an IP-network ensures the data exchange between the controllers. The allocation of the terminals is freely configurable. The terminal labeling is done automatically by using the system´s name and the respective function. In case of a change in parameterization, the visualization is adapted automatically. “OPENapp” reduces the time effort by up to 70 % for refreshing-projects and by up to 15 % concerning the context of a complete project. More projects can be processed in less time and the company´s value chain is improved.


(Source: 1/2013 IKZ-Energy Spezial)