Efficient and easy programming with a new design

The latest OPEN FXL 3 release features a new design in addition to an altered name. A reduction to essential features was the focus of our efforts. The clear and intuitive design enables new users to easily get started with our programming tools. The response time has also been considerably improved due to the adaptation of the graphic interface. Aside from improved performance and compared to the previous version, there is a major time advantage presented by having moved lengthy processes to run in the background.

Features and functions

In addition to the new design you can also benefit from significantly improved performance and working more efficiently, and other useful new features:

  • A simplified and customisable Excel-based import enables importing files from planning software programs like WSCAD
  • Importing data en masse from your own macros from devices or space macros
  • Program extensions can be realised without presetting since start values are set automatically
  • Personal workspace design: Initialisation of previously selected projects
  • For library developers: Definitions can now include calculations and/or additional definitions