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"What we value in DEOS AG …"

Pender is a new system partner of DEOS AG


In our new series, Pender is reporting today on the uncomplicated change to becoming a system partner of DEOS AG.

 Pender was looking for a new and innovative manufacturer of building automation for the control and visualisation of its own radiant heating systems.

"The user-friendly operation on PC, tablet or smartphone impressed us. This was the chance for us to combine our hall heating systems with the modern control of DEOS AG", said Wilfried Büchner, control engineer and service manager at Pender Strahlungsheizung.

The quick and successful introduction of Pender Strahlungsheizung to DEOS AG is in accordance with the DEOS philosophy of offering simple, but innovative building management systems. This saves resources, times and, consequently, costs for our DEOS system partners.


 "New partners are gained not only with good products – the difference today lies in the simplicity of the programming and operation together with excellent partner support", according to Klaus Keck, head of the branch office at DEOS AG Rhein-Main in Bellheim.




Very briefly - What does Pender value as a new system partner of DEOS AG:

  • The direct sales support and the versatile technical support
  • The flexible fields of application of the DEOS product range for its own business model
  • The ease of generating the first projects and revenue with the DEOS OPEN EMS system immediately following basic training.


Read more here about the reasons for changing to DEOS AG as a new system partner.


Pender is a manufacturer, supplier and constructor of energy-saving hall heating systems, developed in-house on the basis of radiant and dark radiators, and has been one of around 250 system partners of DEOS AG worldwide since July 2017.