New website with DEOS Portal

From now on: New website of DEOS AG together with the new DEOS Portal online!

The new website of DEOS AG goes live on 8 May 2019, featuring a modern and easy-to-read design and improved navigation. The focus for the revamped website was improving the structure of the products, solutions and services offered as well as the revision of existing content and the writing of new content. Ease of reading and clarity of contents and structure were essential for the redesigned product presentation. This is one of the reasons why we included listing the advantages offered. All of these changes combined are designed to encourage visitors to explore the world of DEOS and to quickly and easily access key information.

“Our primary objective for the revamped website was to cater to the needs of our target audiences so as to create a system that offers added value to all visitors – from interested parties to system partners of many year’s standing. The user friendliness of our website has been significantly improved through menu and submenu navigation that is simple and intuitive,“ explained Tobias Arens, website project manager at DEOS Marketing.

This is what is new:

  • A modern, streamlined design
  • The cloud-based DEOS Secure Network includes the 4 product modules as solutions
  • Solutions for various types of buildings are presented so that the most suitable solution can be found quickly and easily
  • Pages for target groups: The home page is geared towards specific target groups such as owners, facility planners and system integration professionals, to make getting started easier and to provide target-group specific information
  • Submenus for numerous services: Description of all service offerings for system partners and end customers
  • New DEOS Portal for system partners, end customers and visitors

All of these new features and contents can be explored now – enjoy browsing our new website and discover compelling advantages!

DEOS Portal takes place of DEOS Partner Section

In conjunction with the new website going live on 8 May 2019, the new DEOS Portal will also be available. This new portal takes the place of the former Partner Section in order to meet the needs of all visitors. Numerous new features are being offered, such as quicker and easier document search options or a document or software update notification option, are but two tangible advantages worth mentioning here. Both systems are available simultaneously for some time to ensure that the conversion to the new system can be completed with as much ease as possible for our system partners.

“The new DEOS Portal is used for making public documents such as data sheets available to interested parties. This will provide greater transparency while improving the flow of information,” says Dominik Greiwe, project manager of DEOS Portal. Here too, particular attention was paid to ensure clarity and consistency with regard to the host of materials and system navigation with the user in mind.

New features of DEOS Portal:

  • Clearly arranged presentation of documents according to document type, product family, product group, product type, etc.
  • Intuitive sorting options help find documents quickly
  • Full text search: Full text search is a method where contents of even stored documents are searched for matches – this simplifies searching data
  • News area: Technical news offered in the Partner Portal keeps our system partners up to speed. These news are also summarised and mailed as a Technical Newsletter – as it was before
  • Subscription feature: Users can sign up for subscription services of popular documents to receive notification by email of updates for new versions of the document(s) subscribed to
  • My Lists: This is where you can create lists for a collection of documents that can be downloaded as a package (e.g. a collection of all data sheets as one list – this enables you to download in one swoop the latest version of all data sheets)