New: OPENapp standard controller

OPENapp – The controller for all popular applications in building services engineering

With the OPENapp DEOS control systems GmbH presents their latest standard controller for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The OPENapp demonstrates the integration of the latest control-strategies in one of the industrie´s highest-performance microprocessor-systems. It includes controls for heatings, boilers, district heatings, water heating systems, ventilation systems and cooling systems. All in one it offers solutions for all popular control applications in building services engineering. As a specific feature also the CoBa Optimization System is available as an OPENapp solution.

This control system was developed with the experience of more than 45 years of successful installed building automation, leading to ease the use and engineering efficiency.

The OPENapp controller are provided with an integrated webserver, enabling full graphic system handling. The controller-configuration as well as the whole handling can be done using the Internet Explorer, which is installed on every Windows-PC. The installation of external programming-tools is not necessary. Because of this modern and flexible handling-philosophy, a fast, easy and at the same time safe and clearly structured handling can be ensured.
Due to the system´s dimensions there are nearly no boarders. For small systems the controllers are provided with 32 integrated in- and outputs. For systems of a middle dimension, up to five COSMOS IO modules can be directly attached for expansion. For bigger systems several OPENapp controller can be connected in an easy way as local information centres. The direct data exchange between the different controllers is done with the help of a standard IP network. By this parameters and operating data of the different controllers can be exchanged without any difficulty. The allocation of the different I/O clamps can be configurated freely throughout the whole system.

The clamps´names are generated automatically from the system´s name and the respective functions. This guarantees as well the speed, simplicity, safety and structuredness of the system.

The controllers can be adjusted to the different conditions of the system. An additional modification of the system´s graphic visualization by the user is not necessary. All graphic modifications are generated by the system automatically.

For example a return temperature regulation using a rotationspeed controlled heating pump can be set in the static heating with the help of a drop-down menu. Afterwards the corresponding, second heating curve of the return temperature regulation is directly shown dynamically. Through this, an animated, easy demonstration of the respective parameters is displayed.

Up to 250 trend-datapoints can be configurated individually directly from the graphic. On one hand, it makes the implementing easier, and on the other hand important parameters can be recorded directly. For displaying, the DEOS control systems developed the help-tool “COSMOview ControlPanel”. With the assistance of this tool, the trend can be shown directly in the easiest way. One can decide to export the trend and to display it with standard tools as for example Microsoft Excel.

The controller OPENapp will be available in the fourth quarter of 2012. Please request further information at