New controller models

New controller models for even greater flexibility in technical building automation.

Two new OPEN EMS series controllers now offer our partners and customers even more flexibility in designing building automation projects: the new M-Bus controller (OPEN 710/810 EMS + M-Bus) and the OPEN 710/0 and 810/0 EMS.

M-Bus controller (OPEN 710/810 EMS + M-Bus)

This controller for the OPEN 710/810 EMS has the identical design and also features two integrated M-Bus interfaces that can each connect 60 meters. With this model, you do not need any external level converters – that saves you both time and money. It allows you to cost-effectively log all necessary data in real time, which you can then evaluate in energy reports using our OPENenergy energy management software, for example.
We provide you with in-depth information concerning all the advantages and the various applications of the M-Bus controller on our product page.

OPEN 710/0 or 810/0 EMS

The fourth small version of the OPEN 710/810 EMS is the new "/0" model. Just like the well-known option for connecting up to 5, 12 or 32 IO modules to the OPEN 710 or 810 EMS via CAN bus, you can now also order and operate the "OPEN 710/0 or 810/0 EMS model" without an IO module connection. This saves you hardware costs and lets you tap into the strengths of the OPEN 710/0 and 810/0 EMS.
Below you will find a brief overview of the possible applications for the OPEN 710/0 or 810/0 EMS:
  • As a datalogger with M-Bus activation, e.g. for connecting a meter in conjunction with OPENenergy
  • As a BACnet router for translating BACnet IP to BACnet MS/TP
  • As a network controller (functions as a head station) for applications in room automation
  • For light control with human centric lighting (HCL)
Visit our product page for a detailed description of the applications for this 710/0 or 810/0 controller.
Please don't hesitate to contact our experts directly should you have any further questions.