Innovative alarm management in building automation

Manufacturer-independent, standardised and mobile

Regardless of whether you are upgrading an existing HVAC system or planning a new TBE project: Over the years, operating costs will account for a large proportion of building expenditure. There is great potential for savings here, and you can use our modern, digital building automation solutions to exploit this potential. This will enable you to achieve the primary goal: to ensure that your building is operating at the optimum level in terms of energy while reducing operating costs to a minimum. Our innovative alarm management offers you a flexible, integrated solution to reduce these operating costs – even in third-party systems from different manufacturers.

New message gateway OPEN GATE

With the new DEOS OPEN GATE, you can now install innovative alarm management quickly and easily in existing systems – regardless of whether they are external or DEOS systems – and thus manage all system messages via the DEOS Secure AlarmApp.

The message gateway OPEN GATE allows uniform alarm management for all HVAC/TBE systems. It collects messages from all HVAC/TBE components and systems integrated in the network, regardless of the manufacturer. The gateway uses the standard BACnet protocol for this purpose.

Don’t hesitate – you too can optimise your HVAC service and save costs!

Other components of innovative alarm management by DEOS

Message management (DEOS IoT-Plattform)


Through our innovative message management on our cloud-based IoT platform, data such as alarm or event messages are processed and prepared for systems such as the AlarmApp or other CAFM systems. Message management is configured in the DEOS Portal. You can freely adjust your notification and team management settings according to your individual requirements.

DEOS Secure AlarmApp

Save money with efficient HVAC service

The DEOS Secure AlarmApp allows you to experience system management on a whole new level. As soon as a system message is available, your assigned service technicians will immediately receive push notifications on their smartphone – so you are always in control and can act quickly in case of a fault, thus also increasing customer satisfaction.

OPEN EMS DDC controller as detector

Alarm messages from our controller

Our OPEN EMS DDC controllers are used for integrated building and room automation and special HVAC applications. The main task of the controllers is the control, regulation and monitoring of your technical building systems and to ensure optimum energy efficiency. Use our DDC controllers as detectors too: Error messages are forwarded directly to DEOS Alarm Management and the DEOS Secure AlarmApp.

Building control system OPENweb as detector

Alarm messages via BACnet BMS OPENweb

Our web-based, B-AWS certified BACnet building management system OPENweb is specially developed for the monitoring and control of HVAC systems as well as zone and room control in buildings – from your local computer, as a modern cloud solution or via mobile terminal devices. System faults and alarms are communicated directly via the internal Event Control Center (ECC) and can be sent to your service staff via the DEOS Secure AlarmApp. So you can act quickly and efficiently.