Available on the market since September 1, 2016: new programming tool from DEOS AG FUP XL 2

New programming tool from DEOS AG FUP XL 2 - including the new firmware v1.052 and FUPtools
The new FUP XL 2, including new firmware v1.052 as well as the FUPtools, has been available on the market since September 1, 2016. This new programming tool from DEOS AG simplifies the integration of external systems into the DEOS system and the connection of DEOS systems to systems of other manufacturers. This provides significantly faster and more convenient system programming for the user. The new uploader can now perform the desired firmware on the DEOS DDC OPEN EMS controllers in the background for a total of "n" controllers.
Thanks to the new and improved collection of tools available in FUPtools, the user can quickly, easily and conveniently configure his interfaces using windows that he can move as required. The OPENview visualization program was switched to HTML5 simplifying the program even further. As a result, the integrated web server can now also run on all iOS devices and graphics are displayed faster.
The "macro editor" also offers new user optimization options . The improved network configuration is yet another highlight. The new image is rounded off by the extended filter functions and entry support at various locations throughout the entire programming environment.
Old FUP projects can also be imported to FUP XL 2 via the "Project upgrade" option. The firmware does not change. The upgrade can also be performed to a higher firmware version if needed.
FUP XL 2 now offers the following new features and improvements:
  • Support for additional language and font variants (UTF 8)
  • Modbus multi-IP function option
  • Improved IP configuration option
  • New KNX IP functions (no macros)
  • Extension in BACnet and BACnet DataCenter
  • OPENview now switched to HTML5
  • New macro editor
  • A new loader for a faster simultaneous controller firmware update for "n" controllers
Visit our product page for more information about the new FUP XL 2.