ESPA-X Protokoll

The COSMOweb event server was extended by the service “ESPA-X”. ESPA-X means: Enhanced Signaling Protocol for Alarm Processes – XML-based.


ESPA-X is the further development of the ESPA 4.4.4 data interface, a communication protocol for the control of paging-radio installations, based on RS232/485 from 1984. ESPA-X is the newer generation, based on TCP/IP and XML.

The ESPA-X service in the event server communicates with an external ESPA-X server. The external ESPA-X server is independently responsible for the transmission of notifications. How the forwarding of notifications is done, depends on the type of ESPA-X server.


Through the ESPA-X service in the event server and an external ESPA-X server, the following additional functions can be activated:

  • Text-to-Speech, reading-out of text messages on mobile- and landline phones
  • Real confirmation about the receipt of the notification. The event server receives a real transmission confirmation. Therefore one of the keys on the terminal has to be pressed as confirmation (depending on the type of ESPA-X-server).