District Administrator Kubendorff at DEOS

Strong companies are the backbone of economically sound regions: For District Administrator Thomas Kubendorff DEOS AG is one example for this, especially relating to innovations in the district Steinfurt. DEOS AG was pleased to welcome District Administrator Kubendorff, who became a close companion of the enterprise throughout the last years. He followed the career of the developer and manufacturer of building automation in Rheine with great interest.

The district Steinfurt is a pioneer in environment and sustainability. A very important capital for the district´s future is to have companies, whose products are globally competitive. "We are pleased to have an internationally successful company in terms of energy efficiency in our region," said Kubendorff. One of the major future challenges would be the successful management of the energy change and a preparation for ensuring sustainability. In this context, regular meetings and exchange of ideas with companies like DEOS in Rheine are very important for the District Administrator.
DEOS is growing: With the planned construction of a new headquarters in Rheine and the recently completed formation of the Dutch subsidiary DEOS control systems, DEOS board members Stefan Plüth and Michael van Well have lots to talk about with the first man in the district Steinfurt .

The planned construction of the new corporate headquarters," said CFO Michael van Well, "shall visibly show what is possible today in a modern building in terms of intelligent and energy-efficient building automation."
"The new building in Rheine´s northern industrial area has 2500 square meters and will set standards in the future in many ways," said CEO Stefan Plüth.
At the ground floor will be a transparent “SHOWROOM” to represent the complex building technology. Here all interested visitors can have a look at the innovative DEOS technology in the headquarters. Next to the showroom will be the reception area with an adjoining lounge and the training center.
This innovative building technology is also visible outside. The futuristic building will be equipped with a ventilated facade covering of aluminum composite panels, which is able to clean itself of organic stains and even to absorb smog.
The start of construction is planned for mid 2012, completion in 2013.
With the establishment of the subsidiary of DEOS control systems in the Netherlands (in Denekamp) the company reacted to the rapidly growing interest for DEOS products in the neighboring country. The first and most important task of the Dutch subsidiary will be to broaden the base of DEOS in the Netherlands and to support the local partners.

Münsterländische Volkszeitung
06. April 2012