DEOS Secure Network

DEOS AG presents new cloud solutions: DEOS Secure Network

At ISH 2019, DEOS AG will present the relaunch of its existing cloud solutions: DEOS Secure Network. This practical solution for building automation stands for secure site networking, BMS in the cloud for cost optimisation and the efficient use of services in technical building management. Four product modules can be combined to form a modern overall solution. DEOS Secure Network can also be used for new projects as well as for existing buildings with third-party building automation components.

4 product modules:

DEOS Secure Connect is the basic module used to ensure the secure and economical networking of sites. Properties can be networked with each other or to a central location. Connect boxes enable secure remote access via LTE even during the MCR installation phase and therefore provide effective, rapid servicing of facilities – from anywhere, using any end device. This saves travel time and reduces maintenance costs. It is also possible to detect and check a system malfunction both at a central location and on the move. Thanks to the pre-configured Connect boxes and the intuitive DEOS Secure Portal, setup effort is reduced to a minimum.

With DEOS Secure CloudApplications, the most important applications in the cloud are available as Software as a Service. The B-AWS certified BACnet BMS OPENweb Cloud offers the full functionality of a conventional BMS. This saves the hardware for your own BMS server, laborious installation and update procedures or additional personnel costs for the maintenance of the BMS software – our DEOS IT experts do it all, no matter how small or large the system is. The applications are scalable and expand with the requirements – from the smallest plant to large properties. Even small plants can benefit from the advantages of a fully-fledged BMS such as OPENweb. All data is stored in the DEOS data centre in Germany.

The DEOS Secure AlarmApp sends service and alarm notifications to mobile phones and in doing so improves service coordination. The app is available for both Android and iOS. The improved coordination and the exchange of experiences between the technicians are supported by functions such as the technician chat. Further practical requirements make this app so valuable: flexible message scenarios such as alerting after alarms or escalation of messages can be easily implemented. The simple administration of the app also makes service work much easier.

Most modern IT solutions often require a lot of know-how for the installation and support of the systems. A lack of personnel resources in the IT area and a shortage of skilled personnel also complicate the initial situation for the application of such solutions. That is why we offer DEOS Secure Services and individual IT support. DEOS Secure Services include software installation, BMS setup, the update service for OPENweb Cloud and the Windows server, as well as the configuration of the Connect boxes. DEOS experts will also always find an optimal solution for individual enquiries and will be happy to prepare a personal quotation.

Are you interested in our new DEOS Secure Network or perhaps have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our IT Manager Thorsten Javernik:

Thorsten Javernik