DEOS SAM: CO2 Room Air Traffic Light System with App & trend recording

How to keep an eye on your indoor air quality

A high CO2 content in the room air not only worsens the ability to concentrate, but also increases the risk of infection from aerosols in the indoor air. Regular ventilation reduces the concentration of CO2 and aerosols in the room. Use the DEOS traffic light system SAM (Sensor-based Air Quality Measurement) with integrated multi-sensor to keep a close eye on indoor air quality at all times and thus ventilate the room in a precise, needs-based manner.

Thanks to the three-stage traffic light system, you always have the indoor air quality in view. Combine SAM as a stand-alone device with the room air app to get a total solution: there is an option for all sensors to transmit the measured values ​​via wireless networking (LoRaWAN). This makes it child’s play to comply with your obligation to provide proof and ensure optimum indoor air quality at the same time.

The challenge

Practice has shown the challenges for schools, universities and hospitals: intermittent full ventilation reduces the comfort of building users, increases the risk of colds and provides no reporting and hence no required proof. The rooms are also cooled down excessively, thus substantially increasing heating costs.

The fresh air supply to the building often is not regulated by air quality sensors via motorised windows or skylights. For example, ventilation and air conditioning systems (VAC systems), which can be regulated via a sensor as required, are installed in only around 40% of German schools.


DEOS has the solution

With the new room air traffic light system SAM from DEOS, we enable effective and demand-based room ventilation for everyone. The built-in multi-sensor (made in Switzerland) measures the CO2 concentration in the room and reflects this using the three colours: green = all in order, yellow = ventilation required soon, red = immediate ventilation required. If the CO2 value exceeds the individually adjustable value, the traffic light changes to “red” and emits an acoustic warning. The sensor also records the room temperature and humidity.

Thanks to the simple plug & play installation and the plug-in power supply included in the scope of delivery, the traffic light system is immediately ready for use as either a tabletop device or wall sensor. “The psychological component also plays an important role,” says Thorsten Javernik, DEOS division manager and IT expert. “Because employees, students and visitors feel much safer in rooms monitored with CO2 traffic lights,” adds the expert.


We summarise

All facts at a glance

  • DEOS SAM– Multi-sensor for measuring CO2, temperature and humidity
  • CO2 room air traffic light – Room air quality is visually evident directly on the device (stand-alone)
  • Advanced design – Optional wireless networking, trend reports, app alarms, management
  • Wireless-based sensor networking – Use of the DEOS cloud via a standard browser
  • Room air app alerts – Mobile notification with rights concept

Technical details

  • Swiss Made with NDIR Sensor
  • Very low long-term drift (approx. 60ppm in 10 years)
  • Self-calibration possible
  • Wide measuring range (0 – 40000 ppm)
  • Very good temperature stability (0-50°C, 2.5 ppm)
  • Low response time (t63 = 20s)

The DEOS total solution for room air traffic light systems

If you require to monitor the CO2 content of several independent zones, supervisors need to be responsible for several rooms at the same time or you have to provide proof of correct ventilation (obligation to provide proof), we have a total solution ready for you.

As an option, all sensors can transmit the measured values ​​via wireless networking (LoRaWAN). The data is stored in the DEOS cloud in compliance with the GDPR. The controller can now query the profiles of all rooms at the push of a button via a standard browser and print out the reports. In the event of a CO2 alarm, existing BACnet VAC systems from other manufacturers can receive a trigger via the DEOS OPEN GATE, e.g. to switch to 100% fresh air. The set values ​​for the three traffic light colours can also be configured here.

The DEOS room air app notifies those responsible via mobile telecommunications and displays the trend in the selected room directly on the mobile device. The notification is only sent to authorised persons using a role concept.

“Even without a pandemic, monitoring indoor air quality makes perfect sense – in this case especially with regard to CO2 and humidity concentration – because balanced air quality reduces the general risk of infection and respiratory diseases, for example”, says Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Höttecke of the Münster University of Applied Sciences, responsible for MCR Technology and BA at the Faculty of Energy, Building Services & Environmental Engineering.


Contact us

If you are interested or have any questions about our SAM, please contact our DEOS experts by email at IT@deos-ag.com or by phone at +49 5971 91133-3333. We will be pleased to advise you and work with you to develop your individual solution.