DEOS first BACnet-KNX single room controller

The premiere took place in April 2012, at the Light+Building 2012. As the first company in building management systems worldwide, DEOS presented the freely programmable BACnet/MSTP + KNX single room controller COSMOS SRU+KNX.

Based on an ARM7 architecture, the SRU has the following interfaces:
- RS485 (BACnet/MSTP)

All together 16 in- and outputs:
- 8 universal-inputs
- Operation as digital-input 24V DC
- Meters up to 1 Hz, 2x meters up to 80 Hz
- Operation as an analog-input 0-10V, 10mV/K
- Pt1000, Ni1000 DIN, Ni1000 TK5000

- 4 universal-outputs
- Operation as a digital output 24V DC
- Impulse-output, PWM-output
- Operation as an analog-output 0-10V
- 2 digital-outputs 24V DC, max. 80 mA
- Impulse-output, PWM-output
- 2 digital-outputs 24V AC / DC max. 800 mA
- Pulse-output, PWM-output

Up to 50 KNX data points are freely programmable and universally usable.
Supported data types: EIS1, EIS5, EIS6, EIS9, EIS10, EIS11