DEOS AG successfully presents their products on Building Controls show in UK

The Building Controls Show is a 2 day annual event at Sandown Park near London, providing a venue for system integrators, contractors and consultants to visit manufacturers and assess their products, technologies and innovations. Now in its 3rd year, this event was the most successful yet, with the organisers already announcing their intention to double the size of the hall for next year.

This two day venue provided the ideal launch pad for DEOS products into the UK market. While our OPENapp product, an out of the box solution that needs no programming, was referred to as the holy grail of standard automation projects, it was the sheer scalability and raw power of our control architecture that found much interest.

Based on the general reaction of system integrators and consultants, the commercial and functional advantages of the DEOS architecture allow for an alternative in what was aptly described by a visitor “a stale market that needs an adrenaline shot”. Encouraged by the response and enthusiasm of the attendees we believe that the UK market is willing to take on new technologies that offer genuine advantages to the end-customers. With the help of our system partners we believe we can offer the high levels of technology and service that our European customers have become accustomed to, providing true energy optimisation at affordable prices.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our UK partners, in particular BG Energy Solutions for their active support throughout the exhibition, making it possible to manage the high volume of attendees.