Energy efficiency creates jobs and economic power, saves energy costs and protects the climate and the environment.


This is why the “German Enterprise Initiative for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF)”, which was founded in spring 2010, calls for ambitious and effective policies in energy efficiency. It is the first independent, cross-sectoral network pioneering irgabutatuib rekated to energy efficiency.


Premises are a maximum reduction of energy consumption by efficiency, technology neutrality and the creation of general conditions for efficiency-services.

DEOS AG, a developer and producer of building automation systems in Rheine, is joining the newly established association. DEOS board members Stefan Plüth and Michael van Well will actively be involved in the association´s committees from now on. Through mediation of DEOS, an event on the subject of “energy efficiency and architecture” under the auspices of the Agenda office 21 of the County of Steinfurt will be held next spring.


This second energy day of DENEFF, which was also attended by the Federal Minister for the Environment Peter Altmaier, dealt with the topic “Germany in 2030 – a future story of energy efficiency” and provided an insight into future developments and current trends.


Germany´s Environment Minister Altmaier emphasized, that DENEFF is an initiative of companies, which all demonstrate the economic chances in energy turnaround. “Energy efficiency is a central pillar concerning the energy turnaround”, he said.

For its success it is very important to use the possibilities of energy efficiency, which are already available in buildings and industrial properties. “I want us to achieve our electricity saving targets. It is my goal to consume less electricity than in 2008.” Hence the topic of energy efficiency is one of his main focuses.


During the congress in Berlin the German Environment Minister took his time for a short exchange of views with the attendands of DEOS AG. Mr. Plüth, as CEO of DEOS AG, invited the Environment Minister Mr. Altmaier for a visit to the DEOS headquarters in Rheine.


„Münsterländische Volkszeitung“, 8th November 2012