DEOS AG Develops Revolutionary Concept

Rheine. Anyone who values sustainability in their building and environment wants one thing: the ability to maintain a complete overview and control of their energy usage from any location without losing sight of the need to control and contain costs and usage. DEOS AG will again be presenting various innovations at the Light + Building Trade Show running from 30 March through 4 April 2014 in Frankfurt/Main and demonstrating their leadership in building automation.Among other things, the medium-sized family business will also be demonstrating their products. They have already gained a reputation among connoisseurs and experts for their revolutionary "OPENbalance" ventilation system, their newly developed "OPENenergy" energy management software and their new "OPENapp" standard controller that integrates highly qualified technical expertise with easy-to-use applicability. All new products from DEOS are characterized by innovation, performance, reliability and in terms of consumption, by the highest degree of energy efficiency.

OPENenergy is an energy management software for logging, evaluating and monitoring various meter readings and trend data. This comprehensive software solution visualizes the energy flows in your building or production facility, and provides a precise overview of consumption figures as part of a set of clearly arranged graphs.

As a unique, innovative and intelligent control system for ventilation systems, OPENbalance constantly monitors all operating parameters, both in the ducts as well as in ventilated spaces. OPENbalance constantly compares these parameters with the target parameters that are stored in the system for each room, constantly calculates the optimum control variable for each damper, and adjusts the temperature, humidity and air volume so as to provide the most cost-effective operating point for the entire ventilation and air-conditioning system while using the least amount of energy.

OPENapp stands for more than just being easy to use and start up, which is characteristic of any standard controller. Instead, it has taken it one step further by creating a fast, intuitive configuration that does not require any programming skills. In short: OPENapp is the individual solution for small and medium-sized projects. Stop by and visit the DEOS booth, B 60, in Hall 09.

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