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News Current threats in building automation: DEOS offers secure BACnet/SC solutions

Current threats in building automation: DEOS offers secure BACnet/SC solutions

27. May 2024
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IT-Sicherheit in der DEOS Standortvernetzung und Fernwartung

DEOS offers BACnet/SC solutions for safe building automation

Building automation systems control and monitor a wide range of building functions such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, fire safety systems and lifts. Unsecured access to these systems can harbour considerable risks. IT security in building automation is therefore an increasingly important topic, as these systems often represent critical infrastructure and manage energy and building data. Protecting these systems and guarding against cyber attacks is not only an issue in new builds, but must also be urgently considered in the current wave of modernisation in existing buildings (retrofit).

DEOS offers BACnet/SC-certified solutions for these projects, such as the in-house developed DDC controller OPEN.WRX and the BMS OPENweb – made in Germany. In addition to the manufacturer-independent and IT-secure interaction of the BMS systems, the focus is also on simple and fast installation and user-friendliness.

Building owners and operators should therefore consider some key aspects of IT security in retrofit and new build projects:

  • Outdated software and hardware: Older building automation systems are often not regularly updated and can therefore be susceptible to known vulnerabilities. The use of encrypted communication protocols such as HTTPS, SSH and VPNs is therefore recommended.
  • Weak authentication: Many systems use simple or default credentials and weak login routines that are easy to crack. The implementation of password guidelines and multi-factor authentication (MFA) makes sense.
  • Unencrypted communication: Data is often transmitted without sufficient encryption, which means it can be intercepted or manipulated. When modernising, secure standard protocols such as BACnet/SC should be used straight away to ensure secure communication in building automation.

The increasing integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices into traditional building automation systems increases the complexity and potential attack vectors.

Produktbild vom OPEN.WRX DDC Controller mit BACnet/Sc