New CSA certification for DEOS products

Independently conducted certification substantiates DEOS product safety and quality

CSA-certified products are characterised by independently verified high product safety and hence increased product quality. CSA certification is a qualified alternative to UL certification and thus also allows the products to be exported to the USA. The independent Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has tested selected DEOS proprietary products in its test laboratory. By demonstrating the required quality and safety criteria, these products have received the CSA certificates and will now gradually replace the previous models.

In order to independently confirm the DEOS quality standard, the relevant DEOS products from the OPEN EMS DDC Controller series and the IO Modules were delivered to the CSA for testing. The tests were passed with flying colours; hence the CSA logo can be found on the DEOS product covers with immediate effect. A detailed list of all CSA-certified products is available in the DEOS Portal.

Criteria for the CSA certification

The CSA-certified products are characterised by their safety. Thus, the CSA test also includes the verification of increased fire safety compared to non CSA-certified products. Enhanced EMC resistance must also be proven by means of special tests. As you can see: the reference to CSA certification is a further differentiation feature compared to competitors and can be used for both national and international specifications.

For the fast reader

  • Selected DEOS products of the OPEN EMS DDC Controller series and IO modules have the CSA certificate (see list in the DEOS Portal)
  • CSA is an independent institution and certifies product safety and product quality
  • Services include extended EMC testing and the certification of increased fire safety
  • The CSA certificate is a differentiation feature compared to competitors