DDC and IO modules of DEOS AG successfully tested!

DEOS AG products meet high quality standards and have now been CSA-certified as a result – OPEN EMS and IO modules comply with the Canadian Standards Association guidelines (CSA) for marketing them in the USA and Canada.
All DEOS AG hardware products that are relevant for the Canadian/USA market have been bearing the CSA certificate since January 2016. Ten OPEN EMS DDCs and eleven OPEN IO modules were successfully tested at the same time and awarded the CSA certification mark very recently.
The CSA certificate is a recognized certification mark throughout North America. All electrically controlled devices or systems in the USA and Canada must be certified accordingly. The CSA certification mark means that a product has satisfied the applicable safety and performance standards.
Compliance with the national safety regulations is verified by the certification mark of a qualified testing laboratory. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Underwriters Laboratories (UL) are the most widely-recognized testing laboratories. The CSA performs tests according to CSA standards, which in turn incorporate national standards as an essential component.

CSA standards for certifying DEOS AG products:

  • Electrical and mechanical hazards with electrical products
  • Housing materials and insulation materials in fire protection testing
  • Unannounced tours of the SMD production line of DEOS AG by CSA

"DEOS AG will now continue using the established business relationships in Canada and the USA. The CSA-certified products can now be delivered to customers in the USA and Canada via the DEOS AG branch office – DEOS Controls Americas – which was newly founded back in September 2015," explained Erhard Dobler, Director of the American head office in Canada.

In addition to the previously passed inspections and certificates, such as BTL, WSPCert, AMEV-B, FRAPORT, etc., the latest CSA certificate once again confirms the maximum reliability and quality of DEOS AG products, which also offer excellent value for your money.
Please, feel free to download the CSA Certificate in our download area or directly by using this link to the CSA Certificate as a PDF-file.


About CSA
The CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association) is the Canadian counterpart of UL in the United States. It is an independent organization, which performs global product testing and certifications of industrial products, etc. Devices are subjected to comprehensive individual testing.
The CSA C/US mark indicates that a product is certified for both the US as well as the Canadian market.