Building controller: One controller for all popular applications

With the "OPENapp“, DEOS offers a standard controller for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The “OPENapp” demonstrates the integration of the latest control-strategies in a high-performance microprocessor-system. It includes controls for heatings, boilers, district heatings, water heating systems, ventilation and cooling systems. The controllers are provided with an integrated webserver, enabling full graphic system handling.

The controller-configuration as well as the whole handling can be done using the Internet Explorer, which is installed on every Windows-PC. The installation of external programming-tools is not necessary. Because of this handling-philosophy, a safe and clearly structured handling can be ensured.

For smaller systems the controllers are provided with 32 integrated in- and outputs. For systems of a middle dimension, up to five “Cosmos”-IO-modules can be directly attached for expension. For bigger systems several “OPENapp” controller can be connected as local information centres.

Published in “tab-Das Fachmedium der TGA-Branche” 4/2012