Build4Asia 2016

DEOS control systems GmbH is participating in the Build4Asia 2016 in Hong Kong -

Asia’s Innovative Technology Showcase for the Building, Electrical Engineering and Security Industries

The Build4Asia, which will be held in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, will showcase solutions for professionals from the fields of heating, cooling, Building, Electrical Engineering and Security Services for the regional building and industrial sector between May 4 and 6, 2016.
DEOS control systems GmbH is part of the DEOS GROUP and thus operates under the umbrella of DEOS AG in Germany. The highly specialized company will put its nearly 50 years of industrial expertise in technical building automation on display at the MCE Asia. We are an innovative, technology company and our core competence lies in developing and producing innovative building technologies. This allows DEOS control systems GmbH to develop and produce intelligent and comprehensive systems – Made in Germany – for building automation and market them worldwide through certified DEOS system partners.
Pay us a visit at booth No. 1D-308 and take advantage of sophisticated and intensive expert discussions. We highly value direct and open cooperative discussions with our customers and prospective new customers.
For example, come experience your personal live demonstration of the DEOS planning and engineering tools and see for yourself how it allows you to implement your projects up to 70% faster.
Or get an overview of the comprehensive interfaces for connecting third-party systems and busses, such as BACnet, KNX (EIB), M-Bus, LON, Modbus, DALI and (NEW!) DMX. This range of options highlights the system openness of DEOS systems and products.
We consistently manufacture our range of DDC hardware products, IO modules, etc. at our own production facility – Made in Germany – and continuously expand our innovation leadership with quality.
Our product and solution highlights at this year's trade fair booth include:
  • OPENbalance - The revolution for Air Handling Units
    The first cost control center for ventilation systems to significantly improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and reduce the ventilation costs.
  • OPENproject – Room automation engineering made easy.
    Project planning and commissioning of the room automation with room climate, lighting and sunshade functions, without any programming experience. This reduces your programming effort by up to 90%.
  • OPENweb – DEOS AG BACnet Building Management Software.
    The improved 64-bit version, with new operating and comfort functions, new workflows and simplified programming for planners, programmers and users – now supports as well Chinese Characters.
  • OPEN EMS Controller – flexible BACnet Building Controller (DDC)
    Powerful 32 Bit freely programmable BACnet controllers to connect up to 4000 physical datapoints through distributed IO Modules. Simultaneous support of up to 12 protocols, such as BACnet (IP & MS/TP), MODBUS, KNX IP, DALI,…).
Innovations and further developments from DEOS's in-house development – "Made in Germany", such as:
  • The new redundant hot standby controller safety concept for maximum operational safety. In case of a fault, the system automatically switches from the operating controller to the standby controller.
  • CAN-HSB: The safety ring bus, which ensures continuous communication over a distance of up to 5 Km with IO modules and controllers.
  • Our "OPEN" product line. It provides you with maximum control on your Android devices - thanks to the new OPENview App and OPENweb App.
Pay us a visit at booth no 1D-308 and get to know the advantages of the DEOS control systems yourself.
We are looking forward to your visit. Please don't hesitate to contact us in advance and schedule a fixed appointment for your trade fair visit.
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