BACnet-KNX single room controller

The freely programmable OPEN single room controller „SRU“ (Single-Room-Unit) from DEOS comes with a KNX-interface for the direct connection of KNX room control units. The OPEN SRU single room unit with KNX is freely programmable. It can be connected to a BMS via BACnet MS/TP according to ANSI/ASHRAE-standard.

The OPEN SRU is not only suitable for fan coil control and heating- and cooling cascades, it can also be used for simple radiator controls for lighting- and controlling the blinds. The device has 16 in-/outputs. It can control KNX-sensors and –actuators directly from the single room unit. By doing this, the wide variety of designs in technical building systems can be used. Sensors with the measuring elements 10mV/K, Pt1000, Ni1000 DIN and Ni1000 TK5000 can be directly connected to the analog inputs. Besides the KNX-variant, the SRU is available with a CAN-interface instead of KNX for the connection of DEOS CAN-room control panels.


GebäudeDigital, Nb. 10+11 2013