B-AWS certified OPENweb 9

OPENweb 9 sales launch: now available in the Partner section

The latest version of the DEOS proprietary software for BACnet building management systems, OPENweb 9, which is now B-AWS certified and BTL listed, is available immediately in the DEOS Partner section.

DEOS AG received the BTL certificate following successful testing of the software in an accredited BTL test laboratory. OPENweb 9 is certified as a BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS) in accordance with the current highest conformity standard 14.0. It offers the operator maximum functionality, optimum security and interoperability with BACnet automation systems. Using a certified BA system such as OPENweb, complex system landscapes can be easily combined. Many TBE planners have realised this and specify these certified building management systems.

OPENweb 9 includes the following improvements:

  • B-AWS certified and BTL listed according to the compliance standard 14.0
  • Secure communication between server and client using HTTPS
  • BACnet project planning directly via the OPENweb ControlPanel
  • 32-bit OPENweb client

You can read all further improvements in detail in the release note. You can also find the system requirements in the installation manual.

Advantages for DEOS system partners:

As a DEOS system partner, the new OPENweb 9 version will also save you valuable project planning time and allow you to better plan your mixed calculation of hardware and services. The bottom line is: with DEOS products you can offer lower prices.


The BACnet and BTL certificates are freely available in the Download area on the DEOS AG website. They can also be found on the website of BACnet International under Listings -> BTL Listing. You can find revised tender documentation in our Partner section, currently as a DATANORM file in the “Tender Documentation” section and as an Excel spreadsheet in the DEOS Product Catalogue section. Data in GAEB format will follow shortly.