At home on the world markets

As many mid-market companies, also the high-tech company DEOS AG from Rheine developed in the last decade to an international acting company. On its way from "local hero" to "global player", the company already set various milestones. The current stream of time for the technological leader for energy optimization only knows one direction - upwards.

"We grow annually by up to 30 percent. And this will continue in the future", says Chief Executive Officer Stefan Plüth.  He also takes his confidence from the big developments.  "Energy is becoming scarcer, this trend won´t turn around." And it applies worldwide. The commissioning of the new company´s headquarters in spring 2014 with its special training area for system partners and clients from all over the world will strengthen this positive development, the medium-sized company is convinced.

DEOS AG is engaged in Turkey since a long time and has already processed several projects there. Among others, in 2013 a shopping mall was taken into operation as well as a University of applied sciences and a hospital in the east of the country. Mustafa Aygün is the mayor of Ankara´s district Kecioren and is a member of the local council of Ankara and the congress of Europe´s communities and regions at the same time. During his visit at DEOS AG, accompanied by Rheine´s mayor Dr. Angelika Kordfelder, he informed himself about new developments and technologies in the area of energy optimization.

With realized projects in Latvia, Finland, Denmark, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Bangladesh, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA, Canada and China, the DEOS AG generates 40 percent of its turnover in the export business. The goal of DEOS AG is to increase this percentage to 80 or 90 percent.

In the global strategy, DEOS AG also focuses on the so-called niche markets, as recently on the technology trade fair in Sri Lanka. For some time the specialist for energy management from Rheine is involved in energy management on the market of this small Asian country. This new business contact was initiated by a system partner of the DEOS AG in Dubai. In Asia, Sri Lanka is one of the countries with the highest energy costs.

The power generation there is done by hydropower and this mostly by not very powerful and often obsolete oil-fired power plants.  The former British colony receives the "black gold" mostly from Iran and Iraq.

The last price increases partly involved inflation rates of up to 50 percent, although the development of the energy prices in Sri Lanka is not linked to the people´s income.

This dependence on expensive oil imports bears great risks, not only for the country´s economy, but especially, and, as it is often the case, for the ordinary people. A topic with sociopolitical explosiveness. Therefore it is necessary to think about energy costs, not only for reasons of commercial competitiveness. Often around one half of the energy in buildings is wasted. Who takes the energy turnaround serious, in our latitudes or abroad, has to make best use of the saving potentials by modern energy management.